Freediving Yoga Retreats

Bekomme eine Idee davon, was Dich bei den Freediving Yoga Retreats erwartet.
Calypso Gozo Apnea on Malta TV

In Autumn 2017 I had the pleasure to be interviews by Malta TV about freediving in Gozo. The beginning is in maltese, but don't worry, the interview itself is in English. ;-)
The Mermad's Magic

Roy Davidson created a beautiful fairy tale under water.
It cleary shows that Gozo is just magic! :-)
Thanks again, Roy, for this lovely piece of art!
Freediving in Gozo, Malta

This video shows how much fun and freediving can be. This video has been taken in Cathedral Cave on the North Coast.
Gozo offers spectacular freediving sites for beginners and more advanced freedivers alike. Shallow bays, caverns, drop offs, wrecks, holes, dive-throughs - freediving in Gozo, Malta is special!

A big thank you to Roy Davidson from OceanVision for this video! :-)
Freediving in Gozo, Malta, Blue Hole

Mermaid Dancing in the Blue Hole in Gozo, Malta. This is freediving, too!
A big thank you to Johnathan Peck for this video!

It's not about how deep you go, but HOW you go deep...

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Freediving in Malta
Freediving in Malta
Apnoe Freediving Malta
Apnoe Freediving Malta
Freediving Malta

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