The Calypso Diving Centre is the only diving centre in the Maltese archipelago offering scuba diving AND freediving the whole year round. The Calypso Diving Centre is established since 1985 and has been offering scuba diving holiday packages, courses, guided scuba diving ever since.


The many guests who come back year after year proof that we still love what we do – showing you the unique underwater world, being at your service and making your diving holidays enjoyable, relaxed, memorable.






Just in time for Calypso’s jubilee in 2015 we are proud to start offering Freediving as a new unique way of enjoying the beautiful Gozitan waters.
Gozo is the perfect destination for both scuba diving and freediving with its clear waters, spectacular topography, various depths for all levels, and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere above water.


Less crowded and quieter than Malta, Gozo is the ideal location for your scuba diving or freediving holidays.

Just a few hours away from most major European airports, it is the perfect and secure alternative to many long-howl destinations. Check the best deals by clicking here to reach skyscanner.


Water temperatures go up to 28 degrees in summer and won’t fall below 13 degrees in winter. Often you can enjoy warm water temperatures of around 23 degrees still in November. See detailed information and weather reports here.


It's not about how deep you go, but HOW you go deep...

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Freediving in Malta
Freediving in Malta
Apnoe Freediving Malta
Apnoe Freediving Malta
Freediving Malta

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