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Freediving and Yoga Retreats 2020

19 to 26 August

9 to 16 September 

1 to 8 October

10 % off Air Malta Flights!

Season 2019


Save 10% off your flight ticket price by booking via
The offer is valid for all Air Malta fares including two newly introduced low fair levels.
Once you confirm your freediving diving holidays or a freediving yoga retreat with Calypso Gozo Apnea, we will provide you with a PROMOTIONAL CODE that you put into your online booking on
The 10 % will then be deducted from the price to be paid.
Booking period: to be confirmed
Blackout periods: to be confirmed


Please ask for the promotional code with your booking!


It's not about how deep you go, but HOW you go deep...

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Freediving in Malta
Freediving in Malta
Apnoe Freediving Malta
Apnoe Freediving Malta
Freediving Malta

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