Every Tuesday
18.00h to 19.30h CET 

Deepen your practice on a physical and mental level with more challenging poses, longer holds and intensive pranayama.
We always start with an initial relaxation, followed by breathing exercises, Sun Salutations, asanas and final relaxation.
An intense practice for you with a bit of experience on the yoga mat.
Check out the latest recordings on youtube


Every Wednesday
19.00h to 20.30h CET

A more gentle session with breathing exercises, slow sun salutations, basic yoga poses and a long relaxation and meditation phase. This is a great practice to start new or again. You'll receive a lot of clues about the poses, alignment and variations for your body.


Every Thursday 
17.30h to 18.30h CET

You can benefit from Yoga and breathing exercises even if you have less mobility. Use your chair as a tool, as support and experience a gentle and still deep practice with breathing exercises, stretches, twists and relaxation.
Curious? Check it out on youtube


  • You would like to practice for your individual needs?

  • You are suffering from back pain, specific areas that bother you?

  • You would like to learn how your breathing can support you?

  • You want  to get valuable tips and a practice to strengthen your lungs, breathe more efficiently, easier, feeling more energized and relaxed?
    Then book a private session! I will tailor it according to what you want and need.


Yoga Equipment

It's super easy to join

  • You send me an email and tell me what yoga session(s) you'd like to join 

  • You can choose between single sessions and a package of 8 sessions.

  • You pick and choose any session and as many as you like with one account.

  • You can pay your sessions via Revolut  or Paypal 

  • You need a laptop, iPad or smartphone with a good screen, so you can see me easily.

  • ZOOM is the online platform we use as our Virtual yoga room.

  • Each week you will receive the link to access it. Together with some ideas about the focus of each session.

  • I will inform you once you have used up your credit, so you can renew.


Your yoga practice helps
to build a future

  • ​​You join LIVE in with other yogis and practice as if we were all in one room.

  • You receive the link for the video recording of each session to practice by yourself at your time whenever you like.

  • Part of your investment goes to a charity called They manage tent schools in Lebanon for Syrian refugees.

  • You help to build a future with your yoga practice!

Meditation Hand Gesture

Your Yoga session is an appointment
with your Self

  • Please prepare your space about 15 minutes prior to the start of the session:

  • Switch off any notifications on the device you’re using

  • Switch off any other devices, so you won’t be disturbed for those 40 minutes

  • You want to have a yoga mat, a firm cushion or folded blanket and something to cover up prepared

  • Put your mat into a quiet space with enough range of movement to stretch your whole body (with arms over head) when lying down

  • Choose comfortable loose clothing as you would wear for any other yoga or fitness session

  • Avoid eating big meals at least 1.5 hours before you start your practice. Rather indulge in your favorite comfort food afterwards. :-)

Ashtanga Yoga

Empower and respect yourself

  • You are responsible for your body. As much as you are responsible for your car, your house, your children, your actions... you name it.

  • Listen to your own body before you follow any of my blabla.

  • If you are uncertain if a physical yoga practice is good for you, ask your physician about it.

  • Tell him about me and maybe he gets curious to find out more. There are loads of different "yoga styles", so tell him or her to look my website. :-)

  • As much as possible I will show and explain variations of poses, so you can follow along the
    way it works for you.

  • At any point, if you feel pain, dizziness or other discomfort, ease out of the pose or movement and go into a comfortable pose.

  • Remember: It’s not about what the pose looks like but what it feels like.

  • Yoga shall work for YOU. Not you for yoga.

yinyang ramla.jpg

Your investment

Group Sessions

EUR 9.00 per single session

including EUR 1.00 donation to to the Tent School

EUR 60.00 for a package of 8 sessions

including EUR 5.00 donation to the Tent Schools
Valid for 2 month after purchase

Private Sessions
EUR 35.00 for 60 minutes
EUR 45.00 for 90 minutes
including EUR 3.00 donation to Tent Schools

You can pay with revolut,  Paypal or bank transfer 

If you you have financial difficulties and cannot afford the investment at all,

please send me an email. We will find a way for you to join!


Book your online class now!


Call or Whats app on Tel: 00356-99 485 704 
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