yoga & dance_Snapshot
yoga & dance_Snapshot

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At the Blue Hole, Dwerja, Gozo
At the Blue Hole, Dwerja, Gozo

Fun at the buoy at the Freediving Yoga Retreat, Gozo, Malta

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Sunset at Mushroom Rock, Gozo, Malta
Sunset at Mushroom Rock, Gozo, Malta

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yoga & dance_Snapshot
yoga & dance_Snapshot

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Dates in 2020
28 May to 5 June       19 to 26 August       
9 to 16 September     1 to 8 October

A whole week to take home!

  • A whole week for yourself - on the yoga mat and in the sea

  • Great food, great company

  • Stunning places to discover

  • You'd like to experience freediving in a gentle, safe way, with no pressure
    to reach certain depths and times?

  • You'd like to wake up on the yoga mat with intense practice and feel what difference that makes for your day?

  • You have at least basic experience with freediving - done a course in the past
    or freedive already?

  • You'd like to relax and discover the island and be guided by a professional teacher who knows Gozo under and above water like the back of her hand?

What else may I expect?

All available dates in 2020

Where do I stay?

What do I need to invest?

Where is Gozo?

What do other people say?



Wanna sped a special day and try something new or surprise
your loved one with an unwrapped gift?

Experience a day with yoga, relaxing breathing techniques and an introduction into freediving. Discover beautiful spots above and under water around Gozo at the same time. 
We - Monique, an experienced yoga teacher, and Antje, professional freediving instructor and yoga teacher - are dear friends and love Gozo as much as yoga and freediving.
Together we will take you by our hands and guide you.
We want you to experience a beautiful day that will last long after your holidays!

What is included?

  • One and a half hour of intensive yoga practice outdoors with Monique from Yellowrock Yoga at one of the stunning spots on the beautiful island of Gozo. The yoga session will be tailored to your individual needs

  • A mellow and fun introduction into the mysteries of freediving including relaxing breathing exercises, breath hold in shallow water and optional deeper freediving along a vertical line

  • Picknick-Lunch

  • Drinking water

  • Snack Lunch

  • All transports on Gozo

  • Use of Yoga mat, cushions, blanket, blocks

  • Use of all necessary freediving material incl. suit, fins, mask, snorkel, weights



​​What should I bring?


  • Comfortable loose clothing

  • Swim suit, towel

  • Sun protection

  • Curiosity for yourself

What does it cost?

EUR 120.00 per person
max. 4 guests


How do I book?

How can I pay?

We accept cash, bank transfer, Paypal or Revolut and re​quire a deposit or full payment in advance.



Smugglers Cave, is closed on Tuesday. Is it really?
Not for you if you join the Breathing o'clock.

  • You would like to consume less air on your scuba dives?

  • Enjoy a longer time under water?

  • Not being pissed off because your dive is finished because
    your tank is at 50 bar after half and hour into the dive?

  • Wish to have a more relaxed experience from the beginning?

Breathing is easy but much more fun with the right company.
Just like scuba diving.

What is Breathe o'Clock?

  • One hour of interesting facts about breathing under water

  • Some practical breathing exercises that help you breathing calmer, using less air without any stress

  • Tips and tricks to start your dive in a relaxed and calm way

  • An interesting and fun time before you head of to your beer and dinner


What does it cost?

EUR 5.00
if you are a lucky guest of Calypso Diving Centre or Hotel Calypso


EUR 10.00
if you join from one of the other diving centres



​​What should I bring?


  • Curiosity for yourself

Where and when?

Terrace of Smugglers Cave, Marsalforn Seafront next to
Hotel Calypso


Starting in May 2020
Every Tuesday 17.30h-18.30h

Breathe o'Clock is great for friends and family, even if they are not diving! 

How do I book?

  • Call into the Calypso Diving Centre shop
    and let them know 

  • Whats app Antje: 00356-99485704

  • E-mail: gozofreediving@gmail.com

  • Just show up



EUR 5.00 per guest for Zeltschule e.V.!


Where do we come in?

For every one of you, who you spend time with me in the water with a freediving course, an introduction to freediving or with a full Freediving Yoga Holiday I will give EUR 5.00 to Zeltschule e.V.

Keep posted to see how much money it will be at the end of 2020.

You think that's not enough? 

You can donate money 

  • for a school bag

  • for school material

  • for a widow bag

  • for advanced education


Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees live in incredible poverty in the border area between Lebanon and Syria. Until recently the children didn't have any access to education. The people live in makeshift tent camps.
The young generation, which is expected to re-build their country once the war is over, is a generation of illiterates. Hence there is no perspective for the future and they are an easy food for extremist groups.


in 2017 a young German mother of 2 children and widow stated the initiative of the Tent Schools. In January I saw an interview with her on TV and was startled by her story.
I love the idea so much that I wanna infect as many people as possible with the tent school virus, because it's an effective, useful, helpful and easy one!
So go on and join me in giving just a little something that makes such an incredible effect of spreading simply love!

What is Zeltschule e.V. doing?

  • They have built 13 schools over the past 3.5 years

  • 4,400 Syrian children benefit from daily education

  • They offer alphabetisation for the parents

  • They provide DIRECT peace work: the education is pro-active terror-prevention 

  • They provide food and medical provision 

  • They protect children from child labour

  • They help quickly, non-bureaucratically wherever help is needed most

  • Donation are being brought into Lebanon in person. They are used in a transparent and useful way

  • They see the bigger picture and have already built schools in Homs for refugees going back into their country. 

  • Since 2019 600 children can go to school in Northern Syria. 

  • The give people the opportunity to wait for the end of the war in their region, so they don't need to flee to Europe.

Who they are

The project Zeltschule e. V. was born in 2016 with parents from a Munich school. Main inivicator and contact is Jacqueline Flory. She goes to Lebanon on a regular basis, bringing the donations and taking care of the schools. 

EUR 5.00 per guest for Zeltschule e.V.!