Yoga? Why Yoga?

  • You think you are too stiff to do yoga. 

  • You think you are not interested in spirituality or not spiritual enough..

  • You think the idea of singing OM makes you feel ridiculous.

Wanna get a different idea on what yoga actually is? 

Yoga means simply to "unite". 

It is quite simple.
You start with exercises on the yoga mat. You stretch your body, strenghten your muscles and your bones.
Just as if you go to your fitness studio around the corner.
At the same time the specific movements and poses (asanas) will massage your inner organs. Your liver, gall bladder,
your lungs and heart as well your whole endocrine system gets a good squeeze to receive fresh blood and oxygen afterwards.
Old stuff gets more easily transported out. Your body becomes more supple, you gain more energy. You feel...well, quite well.

Then comes the breathing in.
You start breathing more deeply and more consciously.
And you feel that you feel differently if you breathe in certain ways. 

You use your body and your breathing to enhance your entire well-being. You become aware of thought patterns and learn
how to observe them and then act, rather than to re-act on them.
Your every-day-life becomes easier, you entangle yourself in less drama (at least the unwanted ones).

Isn't that worth alone to step on the mat?

By the way - there is no "I am too little, too much, or not enough" in yoga.
When you feel a stretch, you have an effect.
Not only if you see it in the mirror and on the others.
So go and make your step on the mat. That's the start.

And then you will see (not look). 

Every physical body is different and needs a bit of a different handling. Hence we offer different yoga classes for different people and needs. Classic hatha yoga according to the Sivananda teaching is always the basis. Learn more about my trainings here.

Sivananda, an Indian Spiritual teacher, sent one of his students or disciples - Vishundevananda - to Europe and the USA to spread the
idea of Yoga in the Western world. This was roughly in the 1960s.
He broke down the traditional, thousands of years old yoga system to five simple aspects:


*I like to rather call it Conscious Thinking than Positive Thinking

Aah, and as you know anyway - every little step counts. Instead of trying to achieve it all in record time, simply start somewhere.
And then you feel more united. With yourself. With your breathing, your body, your mind, your emotions. With the people around you.
With the world you live in.


The mat is a good start. So here we go.



Explore Gozo while explore yourself on the yoga mat
Fresh air outdoors at unique, often hidden spots; a great start into your weekend!

Every Friday at 18.00h-19.30h
Plan in about 2-2.5 hours in total.
Sometimes you need to walk a bit to reach the yoga spot.


Various spots around the island. You receive the location at around lunch time.
The spot depends on wind and weather conditions.

How can I join?
Limited space available!
You need to book your spot in advance by latest Friday, 12.00h
by email or whats app.

Please bring your own mat if you have one.
Otherwise please let me know in advance!

Where can I join?
Every Friday we explore a different, unique spot around the island of Gozo 

What does it cost? 
EUR 10.00 per session
Please pay with your booking via Paypal or Revolut


Esspecially if you think your are too old, or have difficulties walking, moving, kneeling down on the floor, feeling dizzy easily and you think yoga is just for the young and fit people... then this class is for you!

In this class you will experience how much you can move, stretch and breathe on a chair!
Empower yourself, discover what your body allows you to do, get more flexible,
fine-tune your breathing and experience a stronger, more flexible body and a calm mind.

Where can I join? 
St. Augustine Convent, Victoria, Island of Gozo


every Friday from 09.30h to 10.30h


What does it cost? 
Click here

Online Rates Here 


For everybody who is very or rather new to yoga. Learn the basics of yoga poses (asanas), proper alignments and adaptions for your personal needs and benefits.
Breathing exercises (pranayama) complement every class and help you to prepare for the session, energise and balance out your nervous system.

Each classic hatha yoga class has the same structure:
Initial relaxation in Shavasana, Pranayama, Sun Salutations to warm up the whole body, Asana (body postures and their variations, final relaxation, short meditation.

Where can I join?

ONLINE via Zoom

What does it cost? 
Click here

Online Rates Here


In this class for a bit more advanced yoga practitioners you will experience well-known asanas on a deeper level, hold them longer and learn more challenging poses.
Each session is dedicated to one particular theme or aspect of life, yoga and / or physical challenge.

Pranayama is part of all classes.
You receive deeper insights in what yoga is about and how to incorporate it into your daily life off the mat.

Where can I join?


What does it cost? 
Click here

Private Sessions

The schedule does not fit and you wanna get guidance in your individual way?
You have a bad back, difficulties breathing, an aching neck or painful knees?

Or you feel too self-conscious in a group?

Or you are a private group of people who would like to practice at their own pace, time and place?

Book your private session. My focus will be on what you need. You receive valuable tips for your easy and safe practice at home (and what to avoid!)

Where can I join? 
We'll meet at your place, somewhere outdoors, or online

What does it cost? 
Click here

Online Rates Here 

Prana is in the air

Breathing, Pranayama exercises, breathing for freediving, breathing for scuba divers...
Breathing is the essential connection between the body and the mind. 


Yogis define the life span of living beings in the number of breaths,
rather than the number of years. 

So it's worth giving our breathing some more attention with exercises, as preparation for freediving or scuba diving. To help us in difficult situations.
To gain control over our mind. To relax. To sleep better.
To have more energy.

Come and discover pranayama and breathing exercises with me.

Where can I join? 
We'll meet at your place, somewhere outdoors, or at Satori or at Felis Magica

or you join the Breathe o'Clock

Alone is dull

Yoga with a beautiful, loving team is much more fulfilling and fun. If I am under water, or if you are looking for something else than what you find here, or if you have time when I do not have time for you, there is Yellowrock Yoga!
And there is great stuff we do together, like the
International Yoga Day on 21 June

Yoga & Freediving Discovery Experience



Price List


Hatha Yoga Group Class
1.5 hours

EUR 10.00 per person

Hatha Yoga  or Senior Yoga Group Class
Package of 8 sessions 

EUR 70.00 per person

Yoga for Seniors Group Class
1 hour

EUR 10.00 per person

Private Session 1:1
1.5 hours

EUR 45.00 per person

Private Session 2 or 3 guests
1.5 hours

EUR 50.00 for the group

Breathing / Pranayama Session 1:1
1 hour

EUR 35.00 per person

Breathing / Pranayama Session 2 to 4 guests
1 hour

EUR 50.00 for the group

What's included:

  • Yoga Mat

  • Yoga block

  • Chair (for Senior Yoga)

  • Transfer from and to your place
    (private sessions)

You can pay:

in cash, via Paypal or Revolut


Yoga Locations in Gozo

Book your class now!


Call or Whats app on Tel: 00356-99 485 704 
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