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Antje has been living in Gozo since 2004 and knows the little rock inside out. Water has always been her passion, and she loves to show her love for water in various ways - as a scuba diving instructor, freediving instructor and water therapist with AquaFlow.


Originally from Germany, Antje has had a career in hotel management and marketing as well as event management. These skills, combined with her fluency in  English, French and of course German, have  helped her in her current  work at the Calypso Diving Centre and organizing groups.


Yoga as an ongoing pathway, is her other passion. Yoga helps her to get mentally and physically grounded, focused, centered, flexible and relaxed.
In April 2017 she has finished her Hatha Yoga Asana Teacher Training with Arhanta Yoga International.


With these Freediving Yoga Retreats, her long-time dream and heartfelt vision has finally come true.  Be a part of it! :-)


You can reach Antje directly at or call at
+356-99 48 57 04


Nico is a wonderful Italian freediving instructor living in Gozo.
Nico "Zen", as he likes to call himself, lives truly a Zen-like lifestyle, very much down to earth, calm and with lots of humor and self-mockery.
Just as for Antje, freediving for him is an art of meditation, rather than a "sport".
Nico contributes a lot of expertise and experience in freediving and underwater videography and has studied and gained lots of experience at Apnea Academy with  his friend Umberto  Pelizzari as well as Davide Carrera.
The discovery of Yoga helped him heal his painful back, and since then he practices every day.

You will have a brilliant time with Nico, in and outside of the water, and always a helping hand and an open ear.

It's not about how deep you go, but HOW you go deep...

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Freediving in Malta
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