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Water, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and and finally first attempts in freediving have been a passion since childhood, long before I became a scuba diving instructor. Spending time and playing around water felt always like being “at home”.
Yoga has become a daily practice, and ties perfectly into the freediving, helping with to relaxation, focus, and strengthens muscles. Flexibility and increased lung capacity are further benefits.

Begin 2015 I have mastered the SSI Level 2 freediving instructor training in Dahab, Egypt, and now even more teach what I love. :-)

Personal Bests (PB)
depth: 46.00 metres in Free Immersion
Static: 5:06 minutes

When not out in the sea I take people into the warm waters of a pool an AquaFlow practitioner - a form of massage that I apply in warm water, based on WATSU (Water Shiatsu). This helps with inner calm and projection of this to freediving.

In April 2017 Ifinished my Yoga Teacher Training with Arhanta Yoga International in the Netherlands and immersed deeply into the teachings and philosophy of classic hatha yoga, which I will now apply even more intensely.
Shortly you will find a wider range of yoga classes and retreats here, so stay tuned.

Gozo has been my home since 2004, and I know this little gem inside out.


"Freediving is about silence, the silence that comes from within."

It's not about how deep you go, but HOW you go deep...

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Freediving in Malta
Freediving in Malta
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Apnoe Freediving Malta
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